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SAS, Inc. is proud to be a non-profit 501 c(3) organization

    Sports Academy News

    What a great time Sports Academy South, Inc. had in Birmingham, Alabama today. Our 9/10 year old  competed in their first ever indoor track meet held at the famous Crossplex. They performed very well and we had a lot of fun. Thanks to the Track/Field Director Dion Oliver and Assistant Coach Janice Ray for making this trip a success. Thanks to the parents and siblings for attending the meet and supporting the team!
    Finally, let's give God all the glory!!!

    Wow, what can I say. Today I was very moved and emotional; by the way my American team and coaching staff performed during the 2016 CSRA Underclassman Football All - Star Bowl. We beat the National team 40-7.
    First congratulations to the Harlem High School coaching staff and former NFL star Troy Williamson for preparing the team to play. 
    Secondly, congratulations too the Sophomore and Freshman players who use the abilities that God give them to work together, play hard, and stay focus. 
    Thirdly, thank you Damien Key for sponsoring this event and shouts out to Evans High School Administration for leasing out your facilities. 
    Also, congratulations to the families (expertly the fathers) for attending the game. 
    Finally, I want to give thanks to God, for all the blessings.

    US Amateur Basketball provides a cohesive national basketball platform that brings together the top grassroots tournament operators from around the country.  Our goal is to bring together these various tournament operators to standardize and increase the quality of the tournaments being offered. 

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    2016 Alumni Age Group Speed Invitational Track Results. Held At Birmingham Crossplex Birmingham, AL

    60 Meter Dash Results

    1. Jada Ray - 9.21, Finished 8th        
    2. Cameron Griggs-Humphrey - 8.99 Finished 8th
    3. Ronald Oliver - 9.58 Finished 16th
    4. Kiram Williams - 9.59 Finished 17

    200 Meter Dash Results 

    1. Jada Ray - 31.17 Finished 12th
    2. Cameron Griggs-Humphery - 30.14 Finished 9th
    3. Ronald Oliver - 31.39 Finished 13th
    4. Kiram Williams - 31.63 Finished 15th

    Long Jump

    1. Jada Ray - 3.29 mm Finished 6th
    2. Cameron Griggs - Humphrey - 2.81 m Finished 8th
    3. Ronald Oliver - Foul
    4. Kiram Williams - 3.45 mm Finished 2nd

    Jada Ray SAS, Inc Track Runner Inducted into Junior Beta Club. Jada is in the 6th grade at Riverside Middle.

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    NCAA Clearing House

    If you want to participate in Division I or II athletics as a freshman, you must first register and be certified by the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. Refer to the NCAA Academic Eligibility section to determine the initial-eligibility standards that apply to you. If you don’t register you will not be eligible to play or practice during your freshman year. Athletes who want to compete at College level must file a form with the NCAA Clearinghouse. This form is available from your high school counseling office. International students can Email me for free advice on how to register. Registration is a one-time fee of $65 US. or $75 US for international students.

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    SAT is the most widely used admission test for colleges across the United States. It is a general ability test that essentially measures your readiness for college. It is conducted and scored by College Board. It is also the pathway to various opportunities, scholarships and financial support schemes offered by various colleges. It is conducted globally in various centers in three areas- reading, math and writing.

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